Breaking news: Lino Rulli is not a robot!

That headline would be breaking news to some folks. As most listeners are aware, Lino took a sick day on Friday, and mentioned on Monday's show that people write and complain to him about it.

Rulli's sickness? His voice was shot, due to allergies. As someone who has allergies to pollen, I can understand his pain. I don't lose my voice, but my eyes dry up so bad that I had to switch from contacts to glasses. Throw that in with a congested nose that wakes me up at least twice every night, and you get a man who would gladly take every day off of work sick.

That said, I do not blame Lino one bit for taking the day off of work. What annoys me about the situation is some people's seemingly uncaring attitude. I know that it's probably not the majority of listeners who do this, but to have no regard for the host's well-being is a sad state of affairs.

Here's an idea: Instead of writing to complain that YOU don't three hours of pleasure because Lino's lack of voice, why not take the opportunity to tell him you're sorry he's sick, and that you pray he gets better. He's not a robot that can crank out a show any time of day (that's why we have the lino Rulli soundboard), but a person that goes through the same crap each of us go through.

A best-of isn't the end of the world. Lino, take as much time off as you need to get healthy: We'll welcome you back with open arms* when you get better.

* Over the top cheesy cliche.

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