The Manliest Man of God

We all know Lino is the Manliest Man in all of Catholic Radio. The next Manliest Man title cannot be awarded to Lino unless of course he finished "discerning" and was called to the priesthood. (read those as air quotes because I mean it with sincere sarcasm and my vote remains in the marriage for Lino category)

Oh, Father Jim, I now declare you the Manliest Man of God...

Recently, I was placed face to face with our favorite New Jersey Priest in a place I least expected him.

There was Father Jim, on my TV...

I thought to myself how would our Fr. Jim be in a commercial and not tell us. Better still, what an odd commercial to be in for a priest. I figure if Father Jim Chern is going to be in a commercial it would be for the Newman Catholic Center at Montclair State University or the priesthood and would never have guessed it would be to proclaim in awe that a tasty steak could be in a meal of under 550 calories (that steak they are talking about is actually tasty!)

Okay okay so I doubt it is Fr Jim, but this guy has about a 95% Fr Jim look and appears to be a bit shorter than our beloved Priest. I was actually quite stricken back with the height he's got under that collar when I first met him in person. Everytime I see this commercial I think of Father Jim. I would love to go to Applebee's with Fr. Jim and convince the waitress that he was the guy from the commercial, what a laugh that would be!

You Rock Father Jim, whether or not you are on TV, I love you, Man!

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