The Comments Are Back!!!

We took down comments for a while due to a lot of negativity. We're hoping that that has passed, but just in case, comments will be moderated. Which isn't so bad: a lot of commenter-friendly blogs, such as the ones run by Gawker, also have a comment moderator. It just makes sense, if you really think about it: no moderation means mindless trolls can post obscene, anti-Rulli comments.

And nobody wants to see that. So fire away: just know that Maureen, Lou, and the rest of us writers see EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! And also, try to be somewhat witty. That's always more fun, especially when we fail at that.

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1 Response to The Comments Are Back!!!

  1. Gregory says:

    I'm assuming anti-Gus Lloyd comments are still allowed and encouraged though, right?