Lino's Catholic Thrive schedule

According to this article from the Georgia Bulletin, Lino will be hosting the Catholic Dating game at 2 p.m. on April 17 in Atlanta for the Catholic Thrive Event

Excuse me? Hosting? Why isn't this man a contestant? Lino's got mad MC skills, and could probably host an awesome game show. But I want to see our man in it to win it! The dating games he's played in the past have been really fun to listen to, and after a slew of dating crappiness, God knows he deserves a win.

While I'm confident that he won't have any problem finding a date at the event, it'd be fun to see him make a game of it. Alas, maybe this just means that someone else will find the girl of their dreams by playing the Rulli-hosted event. Audio of last year's event is in the Youtube video above.

Hopefully audio or video of this thing surfaces. It's $60 to register, so if any of our readers are in Atlanta for the event, we'd love an eyewitness account. Drop us a line at if you can provide said account.

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