Give us Generation Cross Vol. 2!!!

Ever since Lino Rulli began The Catholic Guy Show, he's offered The Best of Generation Cross Vol. 1 for sale on his web site, or as a prize on the show. Some of the best segments from the two-time Emmy-winning series are available on this 90-minute DVD. I should know: I purchased it about 18 months ago, watched it time after time, and gave it to a priest so that he could show his youth group (never heard back from Father, so I'm assuming he must have liked it).

It's an amazing product, but soon you want more. There was five-plus years of this show, and surely there must be more to it than just 90 minutes. Lino has mentioned some episodes on the radio that are not available on the DVD, such as the nun who gave him a massage, playing football in the snow with future priests, and Michael Nelson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 appearing on the show.

Holy crap, that sounds awesome! Hear us loud and clear, Lino: WE WANT VOLUME TWO (because asking for Generation Cross: Season One probably won't happen, although I'd prefer that one!). You must know that as well, since the store section on says that you need to start working on Vol. 2. And if you have, great! I know myself and many others would gladly throw down another $10-$20 on another 90 minutes of Catholic Pleasure. You need the money, we need more Lino: It's a match made in heaven.

Lino has mentioned in the past that one of the reasons why he hasn't put together a volume two is that he's extremely busy with other projects. However, now that he has a cleaning lady saving him some time each week, one wonders if he could put together Volume Two sometime this year.  By the way Lino, Allicia and I are more than willing to watch all six years of the show and help you pick out the best episodes.

But why stop at just throwing random segments on DVD? Most DVDs have special features, and we know Lino gives 100 percent effort on all projects: A few special features on Vol. 2 would drive up sales even more (and adding special features to Vol. 1 would be another nice way to make some extra scratch).

Here are some ideas that Ambassador Allicia and I have thought up. Feel free to comment and add your own.

• Director's Commentary. This would be the easiest to do. Get the best episode on the DVD, and have Lino give his perspective on it: funny behind-the-scenes moments, interesting facts about the location, explaining theology, etc. Lino doing that by himself would be fun, or he could get someone who contributed to that episode (I hear Bill Arnold has a lot of free time lately) to do the commentary with him. Or have Maureen and Lou add commentary as well. More on that upcoming.

• Emmy footage. Not sure if there is any video footage that is easily obtained, but seeing Lino win the regional emmy and his acceptance speech would be genius.

• Additional TV segments: They wouldn't have to necessarily be from Generation Cross, but seeing a five-minute video clip of other work Lino did for TV would be fun.

• Generation Cross TV commercials. One or two of the commercials advertising Generation Cross would be a fun 30 second addition.

• Mystery Catholic Theater. This is my favorite one. Generation Cross, as you know, lasted from 1998-2004, ending a good two years before Lino met Lou and Maureen. I loved watching the show, but not having Maureen and Lou involved was kinda sad (I guess that's because I got to "know" Lino while he was working with Lou and Maureen). And since we don't have a time machine to go back and add them to the segments, why not parody Mystery Science Theater 3000 and have Maureen, Lou and Fr. Jim add their own commentary during one of the episodes? If Fr. Jim isn't available, get Mark Hart, Bill Arnold, Lino's Mom, Gus Lloyd, Fr. Dave Dwyer, Tom Falcone or Brett Siddell to play the third part.

Having Maureen and Lou giving commentary on an episode is a great way to bridge the past to the present, and providing us with a few laughs, not to mention more money in Lino's wallet.

Lino, if you are too busy to add any of these awesome special feature ideas, we understand and would gladly settle for three or four more episodes of GC. But if you've got the time, we've got the patience to wait.

After all, we've been waiting for three years on the best show in the world. What's another year?

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