Geography Lessons - Catholic Guy Show Style

I haven't been able to listen to the show much lately (working in retail makes it tricky... I can't say "I'll get that for you in blue in just a second, let me wait until Lino stops talking"). I did get a kick out of "Where in the world is Lino Rulli" (especially the theme song ... oh I miss the original). I didn't catch the slight mistake about the clue for the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans until it was known that Maureen wasn't as savvy about her US capitals.

So, let's talk about a few state capitals that you might have thought was something else ...

Nevada - not Las Vegas, but Carson City
Illinois - Sorry, Cubs - the capital is Springfield
Kentucky - Not Louie-ville, not Lou-is-ville, but Frankfort
Washington - Sorry, Dr. McDreamy, it's Olympia
Ohio - Thank goodness it's not the 'Mistake by the Lake', but Columbus.
Arkansas - Okay, is there anything else besides Little Rock (besides Mansfield)?

There you go, kids. Geography and Catholicism. In 3 hours.

You don't get that on Gus' show, now do ya?

I love my Astros,
Kristan in Houston

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1 Response to Geography Lessons - Catholic Guy Show Style

  1. Hmm, Arkansas? Well the big interesting towns are Fayetteville (home of the Arkansas Razorbacks), Springdale, North Little Rock, Fort Smith (30 miles from Mansfield), Jonesboro (the city of churches), West Memphis and Hamburg, the birthplace of basketball legend Scottie Pippen.