Late Night with Lino Rulli

So Lino Rulli made the announcement at the end of the show that next Thursday (April 22), there will be a special live show at Midnight Eastern, as a way to give the overnight audience a chance to call in and participate in the segments.

I think this is a genius idea. Giving that audience a chance to play along is an idea that Lino and crew thought about two years ago. My chief concern? Lino, Lou and Maureen's safety. To my knowledge, none of them live next door to Sirius XM, so that would involve everyone having to walk or ride a subway home at 3 a.m. Especially Lou, since he commutes to and from New Jersey for the sake of the show.  We should always keep our three favorite radio personalities in our prayers, but even more so next week.

The announcement raises another batch of questions: What kind of show will this be? Will it be a three hour show? Two hours? Will there be the usual energy level, or will it be more subdued? Are Mark Hart and other possible guests going to stay up late for Lino, or will they pretape interviews? Will there be a normal show that afternoon, and a Friday show following?

It's an awesome idea, but that's nine hours of radio in a span of 27 hours. I don't doubt that Lino, Maureen and Lou have the talent to pull that off, but I hope it doesn't burden the crew too much.

We'll do our best to try live blogging it. I have to leave for work at 7:10 a.m. central each morning for a 35-minute commute to work each day, which makes the odds of staying up until 2 a.m. doubtful. Maybe I can get plenty of sleep all week so I can stay up to hear this show. And if not, hopefully i'll be able to record it and listen first thing in the morning.

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3 Responses to Late Night with Lino Rulli

  1. The late night show sounds exciting, but as one of the "older" listeners, I'll probably keep it on but can't promise to stay awake!

  2. Jamie says:

    I don't think they are going to do three shows in 24 hrs. I'm not sure about Thursdays afternoon show but I think Friday's show will be a replay of Thursday nights show--so actually, they are getting an early jump on their weekend.

  3. There will be a live show Thursday afternoon and Thursday at midnight, which will re-air at 4 PM on Friday (at least that was the last I heard)