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Note: Missed a song from a previous week? Find all of the songs chosen for Music Monday, beginning with April 4, 2010. Each Monday, Lino, Lou, and Maureen, along with Kayla ( select a contemporary Christian song, and the crew rates on a scale of 1-5 noses. Here are the songs, the average number of noses per song (and total number of noses), and a link that allows you to easily purchase the track in iTunes, if the song is available.

May 24, 2010

Aubrey Quintero - Redeemed - Forgiveness"Forgiveness" by Aubrey Quintero.

Jenny Pixler - Invitation - Invitation"Invitation" by Jenny Pixler.

Sarah Hart - Obvious - Any Road"Any Road" by Sarah Hart.

Sharmane - Leap of Faith - Life Is More"Life is More" by Sharmane.

Teresa Smith - Blooming - Resurrection Day"Teresa Smith" by Resurrection Day.

May 17, 2010
Dante Schmitz - The Steps Between - We Lose"We Lose" by Dante Schmitz.
Josh Blakesley - Waiting - Stand Up"Stand Up" by Josh Blakesley.
Greg Walton - I Won't Back Down - Dear Dorothy"Dear Dorothy" by Greg Walton.
Don Poythress - Wash Away - Wash Away"Wash Away" by Don Poythress.

April 26, 2010
Critical Mass - Body Language - Alone"Alone" by Critical Mass3.5/5 noses (10.5 out of 15). Chosen by Listeners

Sean Clive - What I've Settled For - The Everlasting"The Everlasting" by Sean Clive. 3.33/5 noses (10 out of 15). Chosen by Listeners.

Jon Niven - Show the World - Hail Mary; Gentle Woman"Hail Mary; Gentle Woman" by John Niven. 3.1/5 noses (9.5 out of 20). Chosen by Listeners

Bob Rice and Backyard Galaxy - Shining Like The Son: The Best of Bob Rice - I Will Serve the Lord"I Will Serve The Lord" by Bob Rice and Backyard Galaxy. 3.1/5 noses (9.5 out of 15). Chosen by Listeners

April 18, 2010
Jars of Clay - Redemption Songs - Jesus, I Lift My Eyes"Jesus I Lift My Eyes" by Jars of Clay. 3.9/5 noses (15.5 out of 20). Chosen by Kayla Riley

Josh Wilson - Life Is Not a Snapshot - Before the Morning"Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson. 3.75/5 noses (15 out of 20). Chosen by Lou Ruggieri

Deluge - Unshakable - Refuge"Refuge" by Deluge. 3.25/5 noses (13 out of 20). Chosen by Maureen.

Mandisa - Freedom - He Is With You"He is With You" by Mandisa.2.8/5 noses (11.5 out of 20). Chosen by a listener named Mike

The Thirsting - Companions of the Lamb - Hail Holy Queen"Hail Holy Queen" by The Thirsting. No vote, not praise and worship enough (XX out of 20). Chosen by Lino Rulli

April 11, 2010

This week, the crew stuck with the Praise and Worship theme, something they'll do all throughout Easter Season.

Chris Tomlin - Arriving - Unfailing Love"Unfailing Love" by Chris Tomlin. 3.6/5 noses (14.5 out of 20). Chosen by Lou Ruggieri

Charlie Hall - Passion: Awakening (Deluxe Edition) - King of Heaven (Isaiah 61)"King of Heaven (Isaiah 61)" by Charlie Hall. 3.3/5 noses (13.5 out of 20). Chosen by Maureen McMurray

"Living for Something" by Janelle Reinhart. 3.25/5 noses (13 out of 20). Chosen by a listener. NOT AVAILABLE ON ITUNES.

Joia Farmer - Until The Sun - Amazing"Amazing" by Joia Farmer. 3.125/5 noses (12.5 out of 20). Chosen by Lino Rulli

Point Of Grace - Steady On - My God"My God" by Point of Grace. 2.875/5 noses (11.5 out of 20). Chosen by Kayla Riley

April 4, 2010

 This week, Kayla had the day off, and the theme was Praise and Worship songs.

Jacob and Matthew Band - Every Day - Give Glory "Give Glory" by Jacob and Matthew Band. 3.6/5 noses (11 out of 15)

Sarah Bauer - Radiance - Show Me the Way"Show Me The Way" by Sarah Bauer. 3.6/5 noses (11 out of 15)

Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears - Joyful, Joyful"Joyful, Joyful" by Casting Crowns. 3.3/5 noses (10 out of 15)

Matt Redman - Blessed Be Your Name: The Songs of Matt Redman, Vol. 1 - Blessed Be Your Name"Blessed Be The Name" by Matt Redman. 3.5/5 noses (10.5 out of 15)

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