Peru for You, Puree for Me

Vacation... That is where Lino and crew are this week-when we are at home, working, slaving away to earn the twenty bucks for our Sirius XM radios.

An important note for all listeners. BLAME LOU AND MAUREEN! That's right, we all know how much Lino likes to vacation, but this one is all on the producers... Lou and Maureen both had scheduled this week off for themselves forcing the show to take the week off. I think Lino is great, but if he were left with no producers the show would be lots of talking to himself and being the only one laughing at his jokes. No Lou"Board Master" Ruggieri to hit the Laugh Track... sad, sad, sad. No Maureen "Smarter than a Bad Catholic" McMurray to throw under the bus... sad, sad, sad.

Maureen said on Facebook that she will be spending her time off in Mexico. Lou is probably catching up on his sleep since he works 14 jobs. Lino is in Peru with Brett getting lost I am sure. I hope they get a nice break full of relaxation and rejuvenation, 'cause I expect them to be full-on, back-at-it, when they return.

I also expect cool souvenirs- Key Chain, Magnet, the tackier the better.. YOU HEAR ME? Ok, so I won't get any cool presents because, well, who wants to lug something back from vacation for family let alone a practical stranger... but a girl can dream!

Have fun Catholic Guy Crew, wherever you are this week. The Fans will just have to survive without you for a week. It will be a week of "Best Of" shows but we all know a Best Of The Catholic Guy Show is better than NO Catholic Guy Show.

I know many of us look for alternate radio stations when a replay is one we have heard before. Remember to check the Catholic Channel (sirius 159/xm117) before switching in case it is one you haven't heard... OR it is the one when Heather, dustin and I were in studio (No one should miss that!) You never know when you will catch a little Catholic Guy Replay Love. If you find the replay is one you don't want to listen to I would recommend The Message, Classic Vinyl, The Blend, or The Highway (being some of my favorites)...

We should all say a little prayer of thanksgiving that The Catholic Channel is smart enough not to play Gus Lloyd in TGCS spot when they are away! Yes, I encourage you all to pray for this.

With a wink and a smile,
;)Ambassador Allicia

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1 Response to Peru for You, Puree for Me

  1. I admit yesterday I was listening to MSNBC during Lino's time slot. Well what do you know, I got to hear a commercial Lino did for his show on The Catholic Channel! It was really nice to hear this, even though the audio was awfully tinny.