Lino + Kayla = Family Fun

It is often necessary to face the reality of oneself. For instance, I know that I live in a sphere of Lino's influence. Latest case in point, I haven't been to a concert since July of 1992. (Linoesque in my memory of dates, don't you think). Namely, because I am to frugal with my cash. Secondly, I live in a rural area. If I want to go see a concert it is a minimum of about 2 hr drive. However, I like music. Loud music. Heavy music. But I have 5 impressionable kids so most of my college music CD are gone. AC/DC has way to much innuendo for a 13 year old girl to here. So when Kayla from the Message Amped started to make appearances on TCGS, I liked most of the music she brought. So I started to record her program onto my stilleto and buying a few of the artist's Albums. One that my kids and I like was a band called Skillet. Low and behold, they make a tour stop 75 miles away. Kids want to go. Dad says why not. Wife shocked that the wallet has hinges. We jammed in the front rows. Had the total rock concert experience with my older 3. A truly memorable family event because of a few degrees of separation between Lino and my life.

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2 Responses to Lino + Kayla = Family Fun

  1. Great Seats!! Last concert I saw we were sitting so high in the stands I got dizzy! It is very awesome that you can share music with your kids. Baby Jesus would be so happy!

  2. Jim in ND says:

    Those good seats weren't given. That was hard fought for ground.