The Hate Mail form letter

We've made our displeasure with sending Lino Rulli hate mail for taking a day off well known. However, no matter how much we complain about others actions, things are never going to change, and Lino will always face certain wrath for staying away from the radio for a day.

So if we can't stop it, we might as well go with the flow. No, we at aren't going to get mad at Lino for taking a well-deserved break. But why not post a standard hate letter on the web site? That way, angry fans don't have to spend much time writing such a vengeful note, and Lino has some sort of idea about what's on the way. If you're going to hate Lino, at least do it in some pseudo-official way.

And for the record, if you complain about Lino taking a day off without showing him any love or care, that makes you a bad person. The only exceptions? If you only have a week to live. Then we could see why not having new Lino in your life would be tragic.

Anways, here's the form letter, which can be addressed to Lino, Lou or Maureen, since all of them have taken days off in the last two weeks. It's customizable: Every few sentences we give you a choice of words that you can use to make this hate letter your very own.

To the amazing (Lino Rulli, three-time Emmy-winning recipient and outstanding human; Maureen McMurray, the world's greatest producer; Lou Ruggieri, the next governor of NJ).

I am a (first-time listener, long-time listener, infrequent listener, Gus Lloyd fan), and I noticed that there was no new show because you (were sick yesterday, were on vacation last week, were out evangelizing, died this morning). I have to let you know that I am (disappointed, saddened, hurt, angry, gee-darn pissed) with your decision to (get ill, sleep in, have fun, expire, urinate on your legacy)

I think it sets a (horrible, awful, gaudy, depressing, repulsive) example for your (fans, followers, disciples, minions, hangers-on). I expect such behavior from (Howard Stern, EWTN, the Pope, 4th-graders, my HP Office-Jet printer), but coming from you, it is downright (despicable, ugly, sad, stupid, unattractive)

I hope that in the future, you put my interests before yours. In closing, I hope you (choke on a bagel, fall off a unicycle, get replaced by Scott Hahn, eat a bag of belly-button lint, stay lonely forever). You really are (much cooler than me, pathetic but oddly attractive, a poor excuse for a human, an inspirational failure, Catholic radio material).

In Christ's Love,

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1 Response to The Hate Mail form letter

  1. Wendy says:

    If Lino gets replaced by Scott Hahn, we'll all need an interpreter to break down his works for us - as it often dry and unbearable to read.

    God Bless you, Brother!