Solid show today

I have to say, I was thoroughly pleased with today's show. Everything seemed to mesh, smooth transitions were present, and the show had an overall pleasant, fun vibe to it.

Talk about great booking! Yesterday, we listeners were treated to George Wendt, the actor who played Norm on Cheers. That was an unexpected booking, and it's what sets Lino Rulli's show apart from other Catholic radio shows. He had a guest that the normal, non-Catholic might stop and listen to.

And then today, he had Newt Gingrich on. Newt Gingrich! Regardless of your view on his politics, that's a pretty solid booking job by Maureen/Lou/Lino (not sure which of them ultimately pulled that off). And the interview went along really well (Peabody material!): I was worried that it would get bogged down with political nonsense, but it was instead a very thought-provoking discussion about faith. Great stuff.

And to top off the wonderful day in TCGS history, Lino and crew got a new intern, Krista! Hearing her talk, it seemed like she'll be able to jive well with Lino and keep up with his zaniness. Hopefully we can convince her to start writing a once-a-week column for this web site about Life with Lino.

All in all, a great show today, including Lou and Maureen each picking three girls from dating sites for Lino to write to and consider dating. A quick note, if any of those ladies read this, please be aware that this is NOT some radio gimmick: I really think Lino would make a good get for a lucky woman out there. Just give him a chance.

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