Got Mine, Where's Yours?

Anxiously awaiting for something in the mail from my Beloved Celtics Fan I had no idea when I checked the mail on Friday before Adoration Chapel I would be receiving the best gift ever...

I thought I was waiting for a letter, instead upon arriving home I saw a small brown package from The Catholic Guy on the table. Hmmm, I hadn't won any prizes from Lino's Show. I already purchased and received my Lino Rulli Catholic Guy T-Shirt.

Well... tearing through the sealed envelope... I actually screamed a little bit when I opened the package and saw the BEST OF GENERATION CROSS: VOLUME ONE.

I've watched it once already (with my sister and a bottle of wine) so I plan on watching it 4 more times this week to be able to offer a thorough opinion on the whole thing. I will surely give it to you very soon; however I am being increasingly distracted by two teenagers (in catholic school uniforms no less) ridiculously flirting. I can no longer concentrate on the awesomeness that is Generation Cross.

;)Ambassador Allicia

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2 Responses to Got Mine, Where's Yours?

  1. Jamie says:

    You are being distracted by the flirting of two teenagers in catholic school outfits?? That's creepy.

  2. If you think it is creepy imagine having to be sitting directly behind them in what is one of my happy quiet places (The Library) ... ugh, teenagers. I hope my future children skip that stage ;)