Working Hard or Hardly Working

Thanks to the impeccable work of Lino Rulli (and TCGS Crew) I can't seem to get any work done after 4pm EST on Fridays. This is the day my boss leaves early and lets me listen to whatever I want for the rest of the afternoon. I am supposed to use this time to print our records and make appointments. That works from about 1pm through when I find myself looking at 3:57 on the clock. At that time I start pulling up my XM online to get the channel ready for the 4pm start. I have found it impossible to make an appointment via phone while I am cracking up to Lino and Lou's "heeyyy" "yeeeaaah" start of the show. I suppose I could exercise more discipline, but it seems unlikely, I think I will just start leaving work at 4 on Fridays. I think my boss would appreciate not having to pay me for an hour that I am clearly not getting any work done. Win-Win? I think so!

;)Ambassador Allicia

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