Letter to Lino

Dear Lino,

Your increased facebook activity has me excited and concerned. I have a few theories why it has happened...

1. After resigning your online dating to Lou and Maureen you have a lot more free time.
2. After hiring a cleaning lady you have a lot more free time.
3. Your spiritual director finally got it through that all this one sided affection from your fans is unhealthy for your pride and encouraged you to become more engaged bringing you down to a reasonable level of bloated self worth.
4. You got bored and figured facebook was just sitting there why not get into the action.
5. You realized that by responding and becoming engaged in the conversation your fans would be more adoring and therefore build up your inflated sense of self.
I am incredibly happy you have gotten in on the action. After all, we enjoy your witty banter and getting a little on facebook just makes us want it more ;)
I don't want it to stop; I just want you to know we’ve noticed.
God Bless Ya Brother
Ambassador Allicia

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