The Intern Report: Week 4

Hello again from NYC...sorry for the delay on the Intern Report!

All is well here behind the scenes of TCGS. From unexpectedly dominating Catholic Password on-air last week (sorry Lou) to helping create fun segments for future shows, I'm loving every minute of this internship.

While I expected to learn more about the technical and planning aspects of the TCGS, I honestly did not think I would learn so much about Lino, Maureen and Lou on a personal level. In many ways, they've accepted me as one of their own, and that truly means the world to me.

As a fan of the show, I thought I'd share with you all a little bit of that insight with a deeper interview from each of the crew members. This week, we kick things off with Lou! While some questions were edited for length, all answers are in his words.

Krista the Intern: So even though we know this anyway, what's your full name?
Lou Ruggieri: My full name is Louis Andrew Ruggieri...confirmation name is Peter. So, Louis Andrew Peter Ruggieri.

KTI: Describe yourself in three words:
LR: (long pause) Wow, can I pass? I'll come back to it, I gotta mull that one over.

KTI: Okay, this one might be more fun or just controversial. Use one word to describe Maureen and one word to describe Lino.
LR: Let's see, let's see...Maureen is productive. The first word that comes to mind to describe word, huh? One word that comprises all of those things. Hmmm. Lino is dedicated.

KTI: What's the best part about working on TCGS?
LR: The best part is hearing feedback from people that the show that I'm apart of has changed their life. Because people all over the world, everybody that I've met, they always say about their job, "I want to make a difference, I want to make a difference, I want to do something that helps people." Well...we do? And it's an amazing feeling to know that us just kind of screwing around actually helps people and changes their life for the better. Hands down the best thing about the job.

KTI: What's the worst part about it?
LR: Aside from the pay...there are some days where not knowing if what we're doing is what people want to hear. That's a real downer. Or, not knowing what people want sucks. Those are the two big things, money and what people want. The hours are also weird and the commute sucks.

KTI: If you were in charge, had no rules and an unlimited budget, what's the first thing that you'd do with the show?
LR: Give everyone a raise, hire more people. I would make it so that we could say, not that it's not uncensored, but I'd make it really uncensored. Cause there's still some things that we can't say, I would want to change that.

KTI: Like just cursing or subject matter?
LR: No, just the way we talk. I think the show could be funnier and the show could be better that way, but obviously there are still people who get offended by things and we can't negate those listeners, we can't pretend they don't exist. It'd be a lot more divisive, but the highs would be a lot higher. It'd be a lot more fun if we could say things without fear of insulting anyone.

KTI: What is your favorite show memory from your almost 4 years here?
LR: It's cliché, but the first time I walked into St. Peter's was unbelievable. And to get paid to go there was pretty sweet.

KTI: What's your dream job?
LR: My dream job is to be a writer for one of the big car magazines...and I want someone to hand me the keys to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, I want them to tell me to drive the hell out of it, give the keys back, and then write a great story. That's all I want.

KTI: Okay, last one then you have to go back to that 3 words question. What is one thing about you that the audience doesn't know?
LR: (after a great deal of thought) Let's see, I had my blood type changed. I was very sick when I was a kid, I was 9, and I had to get a bone marrow transplant from my younger brother. I had aplastic anemia, that was sweet, ha. So yeah, my little brother was a match. I've had every test known to man: MRIs, EKGs, name it, I've had it. There was a tube in my yeah, I was really sick. I had a bone marrow transplant, my blood type changed because of my brother's bone marrow. I think I was A something and now I'm B something. So that was a good time. But I'm fine now, don't worry. That's kind of a downer story for that question though. So, I also know jujitsu.

KTI: All right, think of your words. Back to the second question, three words that describe you?
LR: Stamina (heyoh), introspective, and harmony.


A big thanks to Lou for taking time out to sit and answer these questions for me. While I will stick to my promise of not ranking favorites, I'll just say that he is both a great boss and an amazing person. :)

Next post: Maureen!

Until then, get pumped for another week of great shows, and remember to download hours 1 and 2 of the Lock-In podcast! Or just subscribe to the entire podcast, that too.

Krista the Intern

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  1. Lou changing his blood type is further proof of his superhuman might. Awesome interview!

  2. Dave says:

    Nice job Krista!!!