Anatomically Correct Lino Rulli Bobbleheads Recalled

New York, NY - After the much anticipated Lino Rulli bobblehead made its debut on The Catholic Guy Show last month, mention of it has dropped to zero. The reason: All Rulli Bobbleheads have been recalled on complaints of being anatomically correct.

"Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and was confronted with that monstrosity" exclaimed Cheryl Johnson from Bridgeport Connecticut.

"My 6-year-old daughter was standing right next to me and all she could do was stare at it. Later that evening, she started asking questions. 'Why isn't Daddy's that big?' I'm just not ready to have that conversation."

This and many other complaints have been lodged since early May when the Rulli Bobbleheads were sent to contest winners on "The Catholic Guy" show on The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159 XM 117.

"We are very embarrassed to have let this slipped through our fingers" said Maureen McMurry, producer of the "The Catholic Guy Show."

When asked, Rulli made no concessions, "Look, that's just the way I was made, why should I apologize? Take it up with the Creator."

The makers of the BobbleHead are expected to release a newer version in August with a much smaller nose.

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