Live Overnight Show Airing Tomorrow

The long anticipated Lock In Overnight Show will be held on Thursday (that is Thursday going into Friday for you time purists, because I never understand which day midnight falls on). There will be a live Thursday Day show (4-7pm eastern time) then Lino and the Crew will go home to nap out for a drink and return for a live Midnight show (eastern of course).

This will be great for the listeners who are working during the usual live broadcast as they will have an opportunity to call in and be a part of the action. Listeners of the usual midnight eastern Replay of The Catholic Guy Show will actually get to dial that phone number instead of silently cursing their XM or Sirius satellite radios for lying about calling in!

We are excited to announce that Kristan from Houston our temporary West Coast Correspondent and resident Houston Astros Fan will be attempting her first Live Blog to go along with the Live Broadcast.

This East Coaster will do her best to stay awake, but makes no promises. Get your sleep tonight LinoFans 'cause it is gonna be a long one tomorrow!

;)Ambassador Allicia

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1 Response to Live Overnight Show Airing Tomorrow

  1. Yep, it's on. I got some scoop from Maureen about what to expect ... I think this sums it up perfectly: "We’ll be up super late, high on caffeine and junk food so we’re bound to be even crazier than normal!"