Less than one hour before Lock-In

What's up, Catholic Guy Show friends?!? It's Kristan from Houston, TX, but I'm writing this blog from Newport Beach, CA. Why? Archbishop Dolan heard how awesome I am and decided to fly me out here to be the "Beach blogger". just kidding.

I am here for work, so I haven't been able to listen to the live show and it has left a hole in my heart. But, I also am not awake early enough for "Seize the Day", so I guess it's a fair trade.

It's 8:27 pm Thursday here in California, and the sun just set. But enough about where I am ...
In Honolulu, it's 5:27 pm Thursday. If you are in Hawaii, please call in and brag.
In Rome, it's 5:27 am Friday.
In Hanoi, Vietnam, it's 10:27 am Friday. I think that deserves a "Gooooooood Morning, Vietnam!"
In Sydney, Australia it's 1:27 pm Friday. G'day, mates.

Anyway, according to Lino's Twitter, the whole crew was hanging out at his apartment on his couch. I wonder if it looked like this:

But, something's telling me that Lou was desperately trying to find something that closely resembles a protein shake, Maureen was reaching for another Mountain Dew or Red Bull, and Lino was following everyone with an industrial sized bottle of Purell.

So, what shall the next 3 hours bring us? Will the crew doze off? Will there be so much caffeine that they look like this?

Time will tell ...

Kristan from Houston

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