We need your help in Italy!

Lino Rulli and the crew are headed to Italy! And your humble blogger is staying behind.

Truth be told, there was just no way I could make it work financially. However, it is very sad that not one blogger for catholicguyshow.com couldn't scrape enough money together to annoy Lino for 10 days. Perhaps there is one member of this blog that is going, but given our lack of communication with each other, it is certainly possible that I just have no clue what I'm talking about.

That being said, we need one person who is going on the trip to act as a correspondent. Someone who, every 2-3 days, can write a few paragraphs about their experiences with Lino and the crew in the beautiful country of Italy.

We'll work out the technology situation later on, in case you are interested in our offer but are not taking a computer with you. Regardless, send us an email at ...@yahoo.com. The full email address is revealed by solving the captcha after clicking on the ... (a way to keep spam out of our inbox), and we'll go from there.

And who knows, maybe if you enjoy writing from Italy, you'll keep writing for us in the future. :)

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