Catholic Guy Show Wedding Bells!!!

Before the romance of the Catholic Channel interns Buzz & Krista was the original Catholic Guy Show romance - our very own bloggers Ambassador Allicia & Dustin the Celtics fan.  The news of their relationship hit after their visit to NYC to meet Lino and the crew (and to determine who is Lino's biggest fan). 

I don't know exactly what their first date was, but something tells me it involved a fried bologna sandwich.

I've become friends with Allicia & Dustin via Facebook and this site and I was happy to see the following in my Facebook news feed today:

That's right - Dustin & Allicia are engaged!!!!  I expect there to be a post soon from one of them giving us the details of the romantic proposal (and a picture of the ring!) 

For now, I want to share my excitement for you crazy lovebirds and know that you're in our prayers as God prepares you to become husband and wife.

Kristan from Houston

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