Father Hulkamania

This is a video shot by the very handsome* Mark D who was rocking it out till late night with the very excited Fr. Rob Keighron.

Those of us who did not go on the pilgrimage are very thankful for all the stories and photos other LinoFans have shared!

I totally call dibs on the next pilgrimage (unless it is REALLY HOT weather again)

Peace, Love, and Lino
;) Ambassador Allicia

*Mark made me promise to mention his handsomeness or he wouldn't let me use the clip. Mark's handsomeness in no way diminishes the handsomeness of a certain Boston Celtics Fan
who I happen to be completely in love with!

P.S. to my brothers Cliff and Matt, Priests are cool. I know Mom is still holding out hope at least one of you will become a priest so be sure to remember this guy (Fr. Rob) when you think church is full of old stuffy guys wearing dresses.

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