So Long Sport

Here at we pride ourselves on being just shy of stalking. We obsess, cling, and overbear our love but we do not stalk. When people choose to leave us we take it in stride. We are sad to say it is Krista The Intern's last day as an Intern.

We are sad to see her leave the show but are thrilled that she will be finishing her education and will one day be a real grownup like the rest of us... well pseudo-grownups anyway. We are very pleased to inform all of the readers that Krista The Intern will continue to be a writer here at

We plan on calling her "Krista The Intern" until she does something so incredibly embarrassing it forces us to rename her something even more degrading. We have loved your work so far Intern Krista and look forward to lots more!

With Love,
All the Staff and Writers of

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1 Response to So Long Sport

  1. Kristan says:

    Krista - all the best to you in your future endeavors!!! (and keep us posted on your Catholic Channel romance with Buzz!!)