It's raining men!!!

Listening to today's show today and hearing about how several listeners had the song that shall not be named stuck in their heads, I arrived to my job in women's retail with the song going through my head.  And it got me thinking ... what songs would be worse to have playing in your head (or especially in Lino's head) to the point where you are praying for replays of "Seize the Day?

I humbly submit the following songs.

and finally .... anything by Justin Bieber.

Any other suggestions?

Me, I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anywhere ...

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1 Response to It's raining men!!!

  1. Disagree. It's Raining Men is far worse than any of those songs. (Especially if you're a dude with it ringing in your ears...)