Sept. 29 is Lino Rulli Day in Minneapolis

Sept. 29 is Lino Rulli day in St. Paul, Minn.

On Thursday's show, he announced that the city would honor him, even having the mayor read a proclamation honoring Rulli. We couldn't find a news stories about it in a five-minute Google search, so we'll take Lino's word on it. But along with the celebration comes a week of shows from the home of Mama Rulli.

Broadcasting from your home? Lino, Gus would be so proud.

Lloyd comparisons aside, it is really cool to have this happen, for a metropolitan city such as St. Paul to honor a Catholic media figure. Good stuff. I'm sure we'll have more on the event, and who knows, perhaps an eye-witness account of the day.

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1 Response to Sept. 29 is Lino Rulli Day in Minneapolis

  1. Morrie Cole says:

    Take away the spider monkeys and the lobster and you still have Lino Rulli. Lino is the reason for the ... day.