Principal Rulli??

So I was listening to Greg & Jennifer this morning on The Catholics Next Door and heard that Lino was going to be on the air discussing his keynote speech for the upcoming Catholic New Media Celebration.  Somewhere in the midst of admitting that Jennifer is a greater temptation of sin than Greg (hey-o!), Lino agreed to going to Atlanta to homeschool the Willits kids.

Am I the only one that thinks that this could be like the pilgrimage ... the best and the worst idea ever?!

Lino teaching the Willits boys "social studies"?  Would the boys no longer address Jennifer as "mom" but as "handsome woman"?  Would Lou and Maureen help out as teaching assistants?  I think between influences of Lou & Fr. Leo Patalinghug, the Willits boys would become experts in making fusion protein shakes.  I would be interested in hearing the Willits kids go up against Maureen in "Are you smarter than a bad Catholic?"  Or will Maureen take Lily out dancing at a European disco until 3 am? 

I have to wonder who would spend more time in detention ... Lino & the crew or the Willits boys?

Here's a picture of them courtesy of from the 2009 Chick-fil-a cow appreciation day.

All I gotta say is that there needs to be more TCND & TCGS cross overs (or comb-overs?)

-Kristan in Houston

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