On the road again...

Ambassador Allicia here, testing out blogging on my iPod touch in anticipation of Saturday's Catholic New Media Celebration hosted by www.sqpn.com. I am very excited to attend this conference, and certainly hope it brings some fresh perspective to what we try to do here at www.catholicguyshow.com. We want to show off our faith and love (of Lino Rulli) in a way that will appeal to a large number of people while still feeling personal. I will be sure to bring an open mind to other forms of new evangelization. Perhaps a few podcasting ideas might just creep into my head while I am there. No content stealing though I promise (maybe)!!

When I signed up for this conference I had no idea it was the same weekend as my mothers family reunion, so I will be spending Sunday at my uncle johnny's house explaining why the CMNC (spending a day with strangers whom I share a major point of iterest) is more important than spending a day with strangers with whom I share a major point of interest(and a blood line)

thank you all for listening to my late night rant. I still haven't packed and need to leave by 8. God bless!

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