Thank you for saying what needed to be said

I feel like the crying wrestling fan after hearing Lino's speech. WOW. After a few days, I'm still trying to figure out where to begin.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I became Catholic due to top-quality media that aimed to entertain and enlighten at the same time. I did not start caring about my faith in thanks to someone half-assing it on the microphone. I've seen countless amounts of awful programming for years, and not once did it ever make me stop and ponder the state of my soul.

I too am guilty of half-assing it, so I don't want anyone to think that I'm throwing stones while pretending to be the greatest blogger around. You can look back through this web site and see instances where I've gone two weeks without a post (see from Feb. 26 to March 31 of this year for proof on my sometimes laziness).

Lino's speech was also a kick in the pants when it came to my God-given talents. After getting fired from my last newspaper job for the stupidest reason in the world, I really got down on the talents that God gave me, thinking that they were worthless. I mean really, journalism? Graphic design? Who gives a crap? But Lino made me realize that there is someone who gives a crap. That's God. He gave me these talents, as much as I wish they were different (would LOVE to be good at math), and he'd be disappointed if I let them go to waste.

I owe it to God to do my best. I owe it to Father Jim Chern to do my best (I design the weekly Newman Center bulletin for him). And I owe it Lino to do my best. If we can put on the best web site possible, maybe, just maybe, it can help Lino spread the word and entertain people.

Just like he did for me two years ago.

Lino Rulli, you just said something.

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1 Response to Thank you for saying what needed to be said

  1. well said dustin. I was there Saturday, and Lino was spot on. I try but I know I still have a long way to do to put out great shows, not just middle of the pack. Lino and Fr. Roderick in the breakout spoke about content being a huge factor. Just "doing it" isn't good enough, but you have to "bring it"