Video: Lino's at the Catholic New Media Celebration

Lino just said something! For about 40 minutes!

It was an very powerful 40 minutes though. Lino gave the keynote address at the Catholic New Media Celebration and talked about how important it was for Catholic media to strive for excellence, instead of just settling for being mediocre.

There's the witty remarks as well that made listening to the speech feel like the radio show sans Lou and Maureen and those stupid Springman's Story commercials (Memo to The Catholic Channel: please replace those with the Chesterton Minute promos).

All in all, definitely worth the time to listen to this thing start to finish. It really motivated me to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence on, instead of settling for an average fan site. And I hope we can continue to give you a great source for Lino Rulli news.

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

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