Gossip columnist cites Lino Rulli

An interesting read at the Minneapolis Star Tribune can be found here. C.J., a columnist (and a very handsome woman too: Lino might not be able to say it, but I can!), talks about Lino's trip to Minnesota and the variety of things named after him: a gutter at a bowling alley, a lobster, etc.

It's a fun read, with C.J. being fascinated by the fact that Lino has people who "handle" his media contacts (although Lino tells her that he didn't know people were going to reach out to her). Still, I laughed when I read that because I think I've emailed Lino 2-3 times this year and have gotten no response.

If you thought this fan club was under the direction of Rulli, then you'd be wrong, as we operate in the dark and soldier on for the greatest show in radio history!

Tomorrow should be an awesome day. If anyone reading this gets to witness any of the events, leave a comment and tell us about them!  We couldn't find a schedule of events at the web sites for St. Paul or Minneapolis. The only thing St. Paul has on tomorrow's calendar is an emergency city council meeting. Odd timing indeed.

We'll definitely have more, and we'll try to cut out our laziness in the future.

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