The Searcher

We're all definitely relishing Lino and crew visiting Minnesota for Lino Rulli Day! It's fabulous and funny to have Lino and crew along with his friends and family. Pops, Mama Rulli, and Aunt Judy all have great radio voices. The anecdotes and pictures of Lino's early life, of course!

We all know how Lino is searching, searching, discerning his vocation. It's interesting to me as to how fitting it is to have him on his home turf. Will he ever find peace and joy?

There's all sorts of vocations out there; the right one is what God wills for us. This weekend I took my 14 year old daughter to visit some cloistered nuns. We have some Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration Sisters in Charlotte, NC now, and I wanted to give my daughter a chance to at least see what that vocation is all about. I was struck by the immense joy and peace that emanated from these sisters. Will our Catholic Guy ever feel this peace in his vocation? Probably not because he's not wired that way.

Anyway, maybe there's someone out there that might have a vocation to the cloistered life, whether in a male or female order. I do remember a couple of years ago when Mama Rulli said she went to some clothing ceremonies (when the girls enter the monastery) so I wanted to recall something from an earlier show that many people haven't heard.

Anyway, yay for Lino Day! Go for the vocation God has for you. I think the Catholic Guy is right where he needs to be.

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