A Makeover for Lino's Birthday

Regular visitors to this blog (God bless you) will see a change today (Friday, Oct. 22). In honor of Lino Rulli's birthday (Oct. 26, but we're doing it today since he'll be gone to Italy on his actual birthday), what better way to celebrate this great man by honoring another great man?!

We've been counting down (missing a few days here and there) by taking the daily readings and applying them to Lino. At least one of those readings had to touch on the virtue of sharing, which is something we hope Lino will appreciate when he sees his fan club altered today. We promised something fun for Lino's birthday, and here we go!

Yes, for one day, the site dedicated to Lino Rulli gets dedicated to the morning man Gus Lloyd instead. Follow us all day for all things Gus (and a little Lino as well).

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