Gus Lloyd declares Lino Rulli Day in cyberspace

I asked Gus Lloyd if he would like to contribute to a day in his honor (Lino's birthday). Gus was a great sport about the whole thing, and offered these kind words in honor of the other guy, Lino Rulli.

On this occasion of Lino's 12th birthday...Oh, wait, I'm sorry. That's just his maturity level. On this occasion of Lino's whatever number birthday it is...(I mean, does anyone really care except his mommy and daddy)...I, Gus Lloyd, do hereby declare it Lino Rulli Day in cyberspace. Therefore, the entire Internet shall be used to give due honor to the man credited with keeping the Catholic faith alive in North America today. Be it decreed, therefore, that everyone shall email all those in their contact directories, and post to all of their Facebook friends that, to honor Lino Rulli, they must listen to Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd on The Catholic Channel (Monday through Friday from 6-10 a.m. eastern). Thank you.

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