Catholic Guy Show gets ripped off ... again

We all have learned that one of Lino's pet peeves is when people use ideas from the show to benefit their own agenda.  I have found the most blatant exploitation of the brilliant comedy of The Catholic Guy Show.  It's not by one of the other TCC hosts, nor by another radio show in secular media (or, just "media").

No, this time the offenders are ... dancing & singing hamsters.

This world has reached a new low, people.  Our beloved "This or That?" is no longer being used to torture Maureen, but to sell a Kia.  Dancing hamsters are singing the song for the sake of selling a car. 

What's next?  Will the scary "Answer the question?" guy (and the tacky Euro-trash music) appear to promote the Game Show Network?  Will the intro for "Scathegories" sell the next popular board game?  Will Dr. Phil start giving advice with Tina Turner singing in the background? 

I know the show is great, but we must stop this tacky ripping-off of using "This or That?" to sell a car instead of driving Maureen crazy. 

Fight the good fight.

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4 Responses to Catholic Guy Show gets ripped off ... again

  1. Wow - I hope that was tongue-in-cheek. The dancing hamsters have been around since before I bought my Soul (wow that sounds wrong for a Catholic) in July. Maybe Lino could have the hamsters as guest and really drive Maureen crazy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Kia commercial was on the air before the first time the bit was aired.
    Because, I thought they lifted the song from the commercial. I didn't realize it was a real song. I remember, I thought "Oh, they're using that song from the Kia commercial with the hamsters."

  3. Anonymous says:

    This or That has also been a board game for quite some time.

  4. Kristan says:

    Okay, you guys are taking this waaaaaaay too seriously. Just breathe.