Lou in Life

Normally we find ways to bring Lino into our everyday lives but lately I have been finding Lou in the weirdest place... the following photos were taking in two separate locations, on two separate days, in the same place...

 I had to document this rare item as it is likely a one of a kind. I cannot imagine they would have made more than one of these posters. I was truly lucky to run n into this one. It really should be in a museum or vault.  What? They mass produced these posters to satisfy young boy's dreams of fast cars? Oh that makes sense since I came across this IN A LADIES BATHROOM!  Wow. That was a classy pizza place I must say.  :)

How else can we link Lou to a Ladies Bathroom?

This poster... found in a book store rest room with the entire story of Macbeth.  Lou is a fan of Shakespeare, as am I, but I imagine Lou wouldn't keep a post of any of Good Ol' William's stuff near the John!
Both of these items were found within a week of eachother. I find that to be incredibly odd. Oh well, I guess God was intending I think of Lou that week. I hope Lou has a good week.

Thanks for all your hard work Lou!

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