Not listening to Lino brings regret

As I've stated in a previous post, I now work a noon to nine shift (hopefully not long), so my listening to Lino has been severely crumpled. Most afternoons I sneak out on my lunch break and listen to Lino for an hour in the car.

It's nice that I can do that, but there are some days when the walk to the car just doesn't feel worth it. All I wanna do is relax, and I've gotta walk across the parking lot in the bitter cold to sit in a car without heat for an hour? Yikes!

So earlier in the week, I decided to stay inside. Listening to Lino would have to wait until late at night on the replay. So I stayed inside and enjoyed my turkey sandwich with the company of heat.

At the end of my evening, I go to my car and discover that I left the lights on. My battery is dead, it's raining, and nobody is around to jump start it for me. So I had to wait for a half hour for my wonderful bride-to-be to come help me jump it.

This episode made me realize something: If I had sacrificed for Lino like he sacrifices for us each day, I wouldn've had that problem. I could have seen that the lights were on at 4:30, turned them off, and I would have had enough battery life to turn my car on at the end of work.

Let this be a lesson to you: Not listening to Lino can be disastrous for you and your car. I highly recommend you never do it.

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