Great 2010

It was so exciting for me to get through to Lino's show today and chat with Mama Rulli! We all delight in her, and can see where Lino gets his talent.

One of the things about Christmas or any other holiday: it's a great happy time, but also a time where bad things can happen, and you miss you loved ones. My own mother died 11 years ago right after Thanksgiving, and I miss her more and more. So thanks for sharing your dear Mom with us, Lino! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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1 Response to Great 2010

  1. Christmas really is a bittersweet holiday. I lost a grandmother on christmas eve day in my teens. I suppose it can be seen as bittersweet for Christians too. The birth of Christ came about because of our sins. Luckily his birth brings us his resurrection. Hopefully we can always remember those loved ones we miss at Christmas are celebrating with Jesus and have a happiness we will never attain on earth. Merry Christmas to all the Lino Fans around the world and especially Mama Rulli!