The top 5 badass moments of Lino Rulli's career

While doing some online searching, I came across an article entitled "The 13 most badass moments of John Wayne's career"

It made me think, 'What are the most badass moment's of Lino's career?" Lino might not have stared down four outlaws on horseback or taken down a bunch of guys in an Old West Saloon, like The Duke did here:

But Lino has had plenty of bad-ass moments in his career, both in TV and on the radio, that others wouldn't dare dream of. Here are some of our favorite Lino moments, in no particular order, where he really had the guts to do what some other religious media personalities would never do.

1. Rock climbing with Fr. Andrew Cozzens

I've never been a fan of doing things that scare the crap out of me. Riding the pirate ship at amusement parks is one. Rock climbing might be the other. In the beginning of this clip, Lino says he's never been this afraid in his life. Yet he goes out and does it anyway because it made for good TV. Sucking up your fears for the benefit of an audience and for God? That takes a lot of guts.

2. Embracing the Howard Stern comparisons.

Lino has mentioned numerous times that he views Howard Stern as a big influence on his media career. And why not? Howard Stern has done amazing things in radio, it only makes sense to try to emulate the success Stern has had. But to try to thrive in Catholic media while taking this position takes a certain amount of thick skin, as I'm sure he probably gets a lot of flak for bringing up Stern on the air so much. To take that position when so many people, such as the Craig mentioned in the clip, give him crap has to be frustrating. And to not let it show on the air too much and continue to do your best, well, that takes a kind of effort I don't think too many people (me included) can give.

3. The Lock-In show.
Here's the story: Lino and crew did three hours of their normal show. Then they went home, ate, napped, and came back to do a three hour show beginning at midnight, and gave partial credit to fans who don't get to hear the show live. To do a midnight show when Lino and his crew are normally sleeping for the fans enjoyment (they didn't get paid extra for it) shows great dedication to the audience.

4. Bird watching in NYC

Hahahaha. Next.

5. Catholic New Media Celebration MMX keynote address

Probably the most bad-ass moment in Lino's career. To get in front of a bunch of Catholic media folks, and to give them the sobering truth on what Catholic media is doing terrible job at, is a very, very ballsy thing to do. In this clip, he doesn't shy away from admitting his failures in media. Doing the stereotypical morning radio show. "I'm acting all soft and weird" Lino said of his time at Relevant Radio. "A lot of times in new media, old media, we've got the wrong people doing the wrong things...often times in catholic media we've got people who might be more devout than talented, they need to be behind the scenes so the people who know what they're doing can be out in front."

To say that out loud? To a bunch of Catholic media types? Wow. Just wow. He basically just told most of his peers that we have serious problems in Catholic media. It's not all bad: plenty of people are doing amazing things with Catholic media. But it seems like it is the exception instead of the rule. And to tell the majority that's in the wrong that, yes, they are in the wrong, takes far more courage than I have.

We applaud Lino still for taking the time to say that.

Lino Rulli. A genuine man of faith. And a certified badass.

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