Predicting 2011, part two

Yesterday, we brought you our grades for our 2010 predictions. We did ok. Could be better though. But how do you predict a show as unpredictable as The Catholic Guy?

Here are a list of predictions for 2011. Three for Lino, Lou and Maureen individually, and three for the show itself. We might even throw Fr. Jim and Fr. Rob a bone.

Lou Ruggieri
1. The Assistant producer title is dropped, and Lou becomes co-producer with Maureen.
2. After years of waiting, Lou will get married by the end of the year.
3. Lou will get 1,000 friends on Facebook. And he'll join Twitter.

Maureen McMurray
1. Maureen will start down the path of confirmation.
2. Maureen will book a guest that becomes a show regular.
3. Maureen and her husband Danny will conceive a child.

Lino Rulli
1. Lino's autobiography will crack the top 50 best-selling NY Times list.
2. Lino will dabble in TV work, and be featured in a program that can be seen nationally
3. Even if its not discussed on air, Lino will become engaged.

Fr. Jim
1. Fr. Jim will never, ever defeat Lino in Who's More Catholic
2. Fr. Jim will travel by train to Pennsylvania to officiate dustin and allicia's wedding mass

Fr. Rob
1. Fr. Rob will bring alcohol to the studio at some point this year. Drinking with a priest on-air will ensue.
2. Fr. Rob will attend dustin and allicia's wedding reception and be forced to do hulkamania impressions. 

The Catholic Guy Show
1. The show will broadcast on location to a west coast city for a week.
2. The show will not add a new everyday on-air personality 
3. The show will get a two-year renewal, due to Lino's engagement.

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