Predicting 2011, part one

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time for our annual predictions column. We here at have a slew of predictions for the upcoming year. This year, we'll be making three predictions about Lino, Lou, Maureen, and the show itself. Today, we are posting our results for last year's picks. On Tuesday, we'll have the new picks.

1. Nobody will quit the show. Nobody quit. Nobody came close to quitting. We nailed this one.

2. A new cast member will appear. That didn't happen. Perhaps they didn't want to ruin the chemistry between Lino, Lou and Maureen.

3. Lino will end the year single. Sadly we got this one right, although Lino has been doing a lot of dating. Perhaps he's keeping is private life under tabs and we're really just wrong.

4. The Rome trip will be so good that Lino will plan more trips. I think we knocked this prediction out of the park. Last year's Rome shows were great. And Lino did plan more trips: he did a pilgrimage with audience members.

5. An earthshaking event will happen that will get him pondering the future. We're iffy on this one. He is writing a new book, and I guess, if we stretched a bit, that we could call this an earthshaking event for him, given his hesitation for writing his autobiography

6. TCGS will start doing live shows with audience members. Lino did have three fans in studio (myself, my future bride Allicia, and Heather, who ended up winning the title of Lino's Biggest Fan). But as far as doing shows where people can come in and watch, that hasn't materialized yet. I still think it would be a great way to give back to charity.

7. Lou will get engaged. Even though Lou keeps his private life away from the listeners, if this happened to Lou there is no way it wouldn't get mentioned. However, there's no mention of Lou going through tough romantic times, so we can safely assume all is going well. We missed this one.

8. Lino will go to bed at night....and wake up in the morning. Yep, a gimmie.

So we got five out of eight right, with two being spot-on predictions, and the other three being iffy. Look for our 12-or-so predictions on Tuesday morning.

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