Well meaning busybodies

In the 4 years I've been enjoying Lino Rulli on his Catholic Guy show, I've seen the general public getting all excited every time he dates a new woman, and expect him to immediately get engaged. While we all love our Catholic Guy and want him to be happy, I don't think this is the way to do it.

I've said before: the older men and women get, the more set in their ways they can get. There is NOTHING wrong with that. If Lino does get married in the next couple of years, he will have teenagers at the same age other people are starting to have grandchildren! Now, if Lino truly does meet the woman he is meant to marry, that will be ok.

I've also said before: Lino is showing extreme PRUDENCE in not rushing into marriage. Just think about it folks: if Lino marries just to please Anthony Buono and the public, how can that be a valid marriage?

Let's take things lightly here. Lino does a wonderful Catholic comedy show, he's a single guy, we giggle over his woes....let him have his privacy! He's doing just what God wants him to do right now.

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3 Responses to Well meaning busybodies

  1. "Extreme prudence"? Disagree. "Extreme procrastination" is more appropriate.

  2. It was Lino who made his desire to get into his vocation public, therefore he is not entitled to his privacy. Also, he calls me his "Dating Coach", from which I call it like I see it. He certainly does not have to listen to me on everything. (Nor does he, in fact!) :-)

    Lino will proceed as he wills, as we all do. Finding the person we are willing to choose to marry is a difficult thing these days. But knowing with certainty who that should be is impossible. Lino, like all of us, must "decide", despite our fears and uncertainty. When fear and inability to be certain influence the decision so that there is, in fact, no decision, then that is a tragedy. The vocation to marriage has no guarantees. We are, however, not entitled to covering up our decision problems with nice sounding excuses.

    The right one not coming along yet might very well be true, but it can also be a cop out. I challenge people like Lino to consider what might be the truth of the matter.