Lino, my substitute teacher

Last night, after two weeks of snow cancellations, we had CCD at St Theresa School in New Cumberland Pennsylvania. I teach a class of 13 third graders. Last night we discussed the successors of the apostles. Thanks to Lino Rulli I had visual aides.

Lino's freshly updated website has his Travel photos, including shots of the current and previous pope.  I was able to show the kids a photo of "my friend Lino and Pope John Paul the Second."  They were sad to hear he had passed away, but excited to see photos of the newest pope.  I showed them the news paper photo Lino had taken of the news of JPII's passing, but did not share his funeral photos.  We saw a photo of  B16 when he was announced Pope. Seeing Rome right on my laptop was awesome for them.  (we also visited the Vatican website and looked at the Sistine Chapel)

Upon hearing that Pope Benedict was the 16th they were amazed that there had been so many named Benedict.  When I told them there were 23 popes named John they were even more excited!  It was neat to see them thinking through how many people had been the Pope.  The kids were really excited to have photos to bring the lesson to life. 

Thank you Lino for helping me teach Religious Education last night. Since it is a volunteer gig I'm more than happy to share half my take with you!

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