I'm updating from my phone! It's amazing the kind of technology available to spread the word about Lino!

Mad props to Apple. And Lino Rulli! I promise you, the reader, and Lino himself that he will see a post every day until the end of time (or until we get bored!)

Also, if Lino were a kind of cheese, what cheese would he be?

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  1. Carlos says:

    Frumunda Cheese!!

    No, seriously, I think this cheese kinda describes the Lino I have gotten to know (except the vegiterian part!)by listening to you on the Catholic Channel:

    » Bishop Kennedy «

    Modern, creamery, unpasteurized, vegetarian, semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. It has a disc shape with sticky, orange-yellow, brine-washed rind. Bishop Kennedy, named after a 15 century bishop of St. Andrews, is smooth and velvety, with a spicy finish. When the cheese is mature, it almost runs and virtually hums with flavor. It ripens in eight weeks and has a fat content of about 45 per cent.

  2. Lino's Catholic Radio isn't just better... its Gouda!