Lino on Martha (HEYOH!)

Lino was on Martha Stewart Living Radio yesterday (Sirius 112/XM 157) to craft his little heart out.  Here's the recap according to the MSLRadio Blog.  I love the photos. It was so cool hearing some of the clips replayed on Lino's show. I tried to tune in for it happening live, but I don't get that channel

I'm happy Lino was on the show and I hope they have him back many times. I love his valentine. Clever using his Metro Card, very clever. Look closely, do we spy Italian in that valentine... C'mon ladies, line up already. This guy has it all (ok well most of it anyway)

Happy Valentines Day to all the Lino Fans. We love every one of you.

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2 Responses to Lino on Martha (HEYOH!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Crafting with Dudes. The crafting that dare not speak its name.

    Well, give them points for being able to do a crafts show on the RADIO, for Pete's sake. That's got to be like golf on the radio. Or a gallery opening on the radio.

  2. lktallo says:

    Lino is WAY cuter than that other guy.