Where should Lino Go?

Insert witty joke here.

Actually, as much as Lino goes on vacation, we decided that we should come up with a new place Lino should vacation at (and broadcast from). He's been to most places: Brazil, Italy, New Orleans, Russia, etc. But where should Lino go next? We have just the idea. Times five.

1. Barrow, Alaska.
Why: It's seems like it's on the edge of the world. The Northern end. If Lino thought a late-night lock-in was great in New York, why not go to one of the northern-most cities in the USA, where it stays daylight 24-hours a day for half the year? Plus, it's right on the top of the world, and being on top (hey oh!) would be fitting to Lino's personality. 

2. Osborne Park, Australia
Why: Ever type in thecatholicguy.com instead of catholicguy.com to visit Lino Rulli? If you do that, you'll end up with Australia's version of The Catholic Guy, Bruce Downes. Lino doing a week of shows with the other Catholic Guy would make good radio, and who doesn't love the idea of a dingo sighting with Lino and crew?

3. Delaware.
Why: It's boring. So boring. Lino doing shows from Delaware would be the perfect way to mock boring Catholic radio...by going to the most boring place in the country.

4. Sweden
Why: The Men's World Handball Championship is being held in this city. Pretty girls, cozy weather, and a bunch of men playing handball. Perfect reason to do a Catholic radio, right?

5. Disney World
Why: Why not? ESPN does a week of shows from Disney World. Why can't Lino and crew? A week at Disney would be the perfect reward for the entire channel. Gus is so close by in Tampa that the channel wouldn't have to pay for airfare. Greg and Jennifer's kids would enjoy it just as much as their parents. And Lino and crew could really find ways to make a great show from the Magic Kingdom.

Please, Catholic Channel, send your shows to Disney. They deserve it!

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