Lino: A horrible Catholic?

On today's show, Lino apologized for calling out fan-favorite Fr. Rob Keighron and telling him Thursday would be his final appearance.

After hearing the hate mail that Lino got, it seems that the first apology wasn't enough.

There are two routes you can take on this. If Lino was truly in the wrong, he was right to apologize on the air straight to Fr. Rob. Since Fr. Rob accepted his apology, case closed. If Lino did no wrong, then all of the banter could be taken with a grain of salt. No matter what route you take, the apology from Lino and Fr. Rob's acceptance of it should be enough.

However, Lino read some of the hate mail that he got, and it seemed a little over the top. If you were truly upset with Lino, something along the lines of "Hey Lino, that was a little hurtful. Think about what you say next time." Criticizing Lino for being a bad Catholic while telling him "Damn you Lino Rulli" seems a little hypocritical. Remember, we do have a very handy hate mail form letter.

If Lino and Fr. Rob resolved their differences on the air (they did), then that should be the end of it. Since none of us knows what their off-air relationship is, criticizing Lino or Fr. Rob after they kissed and made up seems like a dishonest reach on our end.

Instead of throwing stones, let's be glad that Lino and Fr. Rob made their peace. After all, our Thursdays would be a little emptier without our favorite red-headed priest.

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1 Response to Lino: A horrible Catholic?

  1. Chele M says:

    I wasn't able to listen to the show on Thurs. however, I did hear the apology on Friday and Kudos to Dustin for writing this comment. I agree 100%.