Catholic Media Promotion Day

here at we are joining in on the Celebration! (where is Lou with that sound effect?)

It is Catholic Media Celebration Day.
Check out the FACEBOOK page and join in the celebration.  We are all in this together.

Later tonight we will have our own post promoting our favorites in the world of Catholic Media (after I get done with work around 8est!)
Until then: What are some of your favorites? What Podcasts or Blogs do you find yourself spending hours consumed with? What book strengthens your faith?

Share Share Share, we want to hear about it.
Please leave a comment with something you want to promote.  It can be your own work or something you just enjoy.  Don't forget to go to itunes and rate your favorite podcasts.

Together we can create a world where "Catholic Media" stands on the same ground as "Secular Media" ... Lets pray one day it will all just be "Media"

God Bless,
Ambassador Allicia

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