From the Throwdown Champ!

Father Leo Patalinghug of Grace Before Meals and Mount Saint Mary's Seminary was at our church this week for our parish mission.

He had this to say for the Lino Fans and a little smack talk directed to the Lino himself!

(ignore the lack of editing, I was hurrying during my lunch break)

p.s. He gave an amazing set of talks and if you are ever blessed to have him speaking nearby GO, See it, He rocked it! Totally worth an hour of my weeknight for 3 days.

To Father Leo,
Thank you for coming to our little parish,  the church looks so much nicer with the pews filled!
I loved the talks, and feel blessed that you found time for us.
My mothers Mocha Muffin recipe is Vegan and tasty... I hope it wins the taste test!

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