Absence makes the heart grow. hey-oh!

Today was a really great day at work. I got to listen to Lino Rulli!

Since I now work in a call center, my schedule prevented me from listening to Lino's show in the afternoon, relegating me to overnight and weekend replays (if I was able to catch them). But since work has been so slow lately, I learned how to do processing today.

Processing means no phone calls, and the chance to listen your iPod, walkman, etc. So when 4 p.m. got here, I got to hear the first and last 30 minutes of Lino today. I got to hear Lino apologize for not doing live shows (you spoiled people, some of us don't even get to listen to Best-of's!). I got to hear Lino's struggles with Confession, and hear Lino mock Fr. Jim for not having the skills needed for quality evangelization.

At the beginning of Lino's show, he said "Nobody listens to all three hours of the show." Perhaps I don't do that now, but until I got this job in November, I was one of the people that got to hear all three hours. It does make me sad that I can't listen to the show like I used to, but I have faith that God will give me a quality job that will allow me to listen to TCGS like I used to be able to.

Perhaps someday. But for one Friday afternoon, Lino and crew didn't let me down. They made me laugh and remember why I love the show so much.

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