Happy Easter/Maureen's easter story

Despite Thursday's show being a best-of from 2008 (Lino tips it off by saying he had White Castle for the first time 20 years ago, when he was 15 or 16, refers to Lou as a technical director instead of assistant producer, and says Fr. Jim is calling Mass on the radio, when Fr. Dave did commentary instead), we really enjoy it. Mark Hart and Steve Ray's interviews are ever-green, and are inspiring and educational each year you hear them.

The 2008 show is also one of these first Lino shows I ever heard, and it was amazing to this Baptist boy how much emphasis was put on Holy Thursday and Easter weekend (in fairness, I was a horrible Baptist, and good baptists probably put the same emphasis on those events in Jesus' life). So I get a little nostalgic hearing that show.

For those of you who missed it, Lino interviewed Steve Ray (jersusalemjones.com) who basically talked about The Last Supper, mentioning how Jesus pulled "the old switcheroo" during the Passover meal, and that the Upper Room is off-limits for Mass in modern-day Israel.

Mark Hart was his usual jolly self, and really emphasized Jesus' mercy on the Cross, as it was extended to the thief hanging next to him.

The show will be back on Monday, with an interesting twist: A Church leader invited him out for drinks on Holy Thursday. My guess is the retired bishop from France that was with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at Mass on Thursday (I can't remember his name).

Until then, enjoy this Easter memory of Maureen trying to recount the Easter story.

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